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Heat Pump Installation Winterbourne

Interested in getting a heat pump installed in your Winterbourne home? C Brookes Plumbing and Heating are your local experts when it comes to both air source and ground source heat pump installation in your home. Passionate about renewable heating, we can recommend a heat pump system that will deliver outstanding efficiency to your home. To find out more about our heat pump installation speak to one of our renewable experts by calling 07716 101545 or get in touch with our team by selecting the button below. 

Why choose C Brookes Heating and Plumbing for heat pump installation

C Brookes Heating and Plumbing are passionate when it comes to renewable heating and are knowledgeable when it comes to heat pump installation. We help you choose the best system for your home that maximises the efficiency and savings that you make. We also install high-quality heat pumps and are partnered with leading heat pump manufacturers Snugg Systems. 

Advantages of ground and air source heat pumps


Heat pumps do not burn fuel to produce heat and only require a small amount of electricity to operate when compared to the amount of heat produced. Heat pumps operate at between 300% to 400% efficiency meaning that you are bound to save on your monthly heating bills.

 Low carbon emissions 

Apart from the electricity used to operate heat pumps, there are no greenhouse gases produced by heat pumps meaning that you will be contributing to a greener planet when opting for a ground source heat pump. 

 No dangerous byproducts 

Unlike gas boilers, heat pumps do not have the potential to leak harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, resulting in a much safer heating system in your home. 

 Claiming Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive

As mentioned, the heat pumps that we install are eligible for claiming RHI. With RHI, you have the potential to claim back thousands of pounds for the first 7 years that you have your heat pump installed. To find out how much you could save take a look at the RHI calculator on the .gov website. 

Book a heat pump installation in Winterbourne

To enquire about a heat pump installation in your Winterbourne home contact your local renewable experts at C Brookes Heating and Plumbing on 07716 101545 or get in touch using our website contact form

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