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Air source heat pumps: pros and cons

An air-source heat pump works by taking heat from the outside air and using it to heat water and radiators. Fundamentally, it works by transferring heat and concentrating for use in your indoor space. These relatively new ways of heating homes are starting to become a viable option for replacing or supplementing your traditional heating system.

There are 2 main types of air source heat pumps:

Air to air heat pumps: Heat is transferred to a fan that circulates air into a room in your home

Air to water heat pumps: Takes heat and uses it throughout your central heating system for providing hot water for your radiators, water supply and underfloor heating. 

Pros of air source heat pumps 

 Make use of a renewable energy source

Save Money: Air source heat pumps are a renewable source of energy. This means that apart from the electricity cost that it takes to run your unit, the energy that you harness and use to heat your home is free. Unlike traditional gas or electric boilers, you will not need to pay a supplier each month for the energy that you use.

Help the environment: On top of this, air-source heat pumps are fantastic for the environment with significantly lower carbon emissions than the traditional ways we heat our homes.


 Works in all seasons

Naturally, you may be sceptical about buying an air source heat pump due to the colder climates we experience in the UK. In actual fact, ground source heat pumps perform at a fantastic rate, even in the colder months of the year. Air source heat pumps are effective even at low temperatures of -15°c. 

 Low maintenance and long lifespan

Air source heat pumps require very little maintenance and can also last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced - that’s longer than a gas boiler! Due to this, this energy source is a fantastic way to heat your home without the worry of high maintenance costs such as an annual service

Cons of air source heat pumps 

  • Requires a well-insulated home in order to work at its most effective
  • Does not supply as much heat as a traditional boiler system. 
  • Will require electricity in order to operate


Air source heat pumps are a fantastic way to heat your home and when weighing up the pros and cons, the verdict is definitely in the favour of air source heat pumps. They are an efficient way to harness your own energy from your environment and produce energy for your home that does not cost the planet. 

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