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All you need to know about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

You might think that with the word 'boiler' included in the name of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), it might be for the installation of a new boiler, but in fact, this is actually a scheme that offers an upfront government grant of £7,500 for fitting an air source or ground source heat pump. This scheme has effectively replaced the RHI from April 2022. To learn more about it, keep reading below!

The new  BUS scheme aims to encourage homes across England and Wales, such as places like Bristol, Thornbury, Winterbourne, Bradley Stoke and Newport, to transition from a boiler to an air or ground source heat pump. A total of £450 million has been set aside by the government, with a £150 million annual limit. Over the next three years, the incentive is estimated to help support the construction of up to 90,000 renewable heat sources in homes across the UK.

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How do I qualify for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)?

You may think that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme requires your entire home to have its heating system upgraded, which would, of course, set you back thousands. However, the BUS in fact does not require households to have a whole-house retrofit assessment. According to the current RHI scheme, households must have an EPC (less than 10 years old) with no outstanding loft or cavity wall insulation recommendations. 

If you don't have a loft or cavity wall insulation, you are still legible to apply for the voucher, but it MUST be installed during the voucher term. For air and ground source heat pump installations, any type of fossil fuel boiler or direct electric heating equipment must be replaced (such as storage heaters, electric panel radiators or an electric boiler). Custom new construction is eligible, and no EPC is required. 

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How does the voucher for the scheme work?

The voucher scheme is divided into two parts and is entirely 'installer-led,' meaning that the installer, (ideally us here at C Brookes Plumbing and Heating!) will apply for the voucher on your behalf and claim the rebate at the completion of the work. This means you don't have to get involved in the boring stuff!

Stage 1: Submitting a voucher application 

You must visit an MCS qualified installer who will give you an estimate and process your voucher application. Before moving forward, you'll need a quote to get an idea of how much anything will cost. The voucher application process will be led by a single installer, but you are encouraged to get multiple quotations. The value of the voucher will be removed from the installation fee, resulting in you paying the lower price and the installer directly claiming the voucher. 

Stage 2: Redeeming your voucher

The MCS installer will produce proof of installation, as well as technical evidence relating to the installation, commissioning, and building eligibility, once the work is completed. The money will then be paid to the installer directly.

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