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Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground-to-water heat pump extracts heat from the ground outside your home and uses it to heat your radiators or underfloor heating. It can also heat water stored in a hot water cylinder, allowing you to have hot taps and showers. We've covered the several advantages of installing a ground source heat pump in this article!

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The Main Benefits of Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump in Bristol

 Eco-friendly - clean & combustion-free 

 High efficiency! - With energy efficiencies of over 400% reducing your energy usage making them even more environmentally friendly 

 Reduced Carbon Footprint - Heat pumps use ground energy and require only a minimal amount of power to operate, reducing your carbon footprint significantly.

 This heating system can make your property carbon-free! - The system will be carbon-free if the electricity comes from a renewable source such as solar or wind.

 Duel Purpose Systems - Ground source heat pumps are capable of delivering both passive and active cooling, saving time, money, and space over building two separate systems.

 Integration with other renewables - Can be integrated with other renewable technologies like solar & battery storage for example

 Long Lifespan - Unlike gas boilers which have an average life span of 12 years. Ground source heat pumps have a lifespan of 25-30 years and the ground collectors have a lifespan of 100 years or more.

 Keep everyone happy - Intelligent zone controls and the ability to concurrently heat and cool one room (ideal for different temperature preferences) so stop those arguments & get a ground source heat pump installed by the experts at C Brookes Plumbing & Heating.

 Advanced Technology - Ground source heat pumps are more advanced than other heating systems with the capacity to integrate with smart tariffs and self-optimize in order to save energy and money.

 NEW £5000 grant available! (Government Funding) The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was a government-created financial incentive scheme designed to boost the use of renewable heat across the UK and, as a result, reduce national carbon emissions. From April 1st 2022, a new Government scheme will be replacing the RHI, whereby the government will offer a grant of £5000 with a heat pump installation. This grant is not like the RHI, which was payable over 7 years, but in fact, is payable upfront!

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